Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mexican wines gaining popularity

One of the hottest culinary scenes in the world is Mexico where a new generation of residents are demanding more creativity and quality from its restaurants.The Wine Fugitive -

Friday, August 20, 2010

International Wine Event in Mexico « wine and food guide

The 24 international judges were guided out to the wine country to visit Monte Xanic and Bibayoff wineries. Varivision Cable TV of Ensenada, sent crew members from The Grapevine:Mexican Wine and Food Adventures, to film the event
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Importing Mexican wines to the NorthEast of the USA

I have been in the wine business for 30 years and I have started my own Importing Company. I am requesting information regarding the potential of importing Mexican Wines into Northeast US. Would you please send all information that might beneficial to that goal?


MGZ Associates


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding Fun Fine Food and Mexican Wines at Punta Banda

La Buf offers quality cuisine from starters to full dinners, seafood dishes, Mexican style dinners, and more, all served with homemade soup, beans and rice.

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Where do I buy Mexican wine to supply my online wine store?

I can not find a resource to refer me to a good wine distribuitor of wines from Mexico in the US for me to ship to rest of the world! Can anybody give me any.Wine -

Mexican wine tatsting with EatMexico

Few people outside Mexico realize that Mexico does indeed produce wine, and a good amount of it. Currently Mexican wine-makers manufacture more than 300 labels, andMexican wines have won more than 450 medals in contests around the world.
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